The Boats 4 Cash Way

Boats 4 Cash buys boats from people who want or need to sell fast and hassle free. Whether it’s a need to free up finances or to get out of boating all together, we offer the most simple and effective way to sell your boat.

The most common way to sell a boat is through a broker. The down side to this is that it can take months, or sometimes even years. On top of this, there are mooring fees to find, maintenance fees to pay, and then the brokerage commission hand over.

Due to these commission fees, selling a boat through a broker costs somewhere between 5 and 10% +VAT of the sale price. It is very rare a buyer will pay the asking price, with most interested parties bidding somewhere in the region of 10% lower than the actual asking price.

It's normal, during a brokered deal for a buyer to employ the services of a surveyor, and there will usually be a snag list, regardless of condition. This snag list needs to be put right, again at your cost. Selling a boat the brokerage way can be very stressful and frustrating.

Selling a boat the Boats 4 Cash way is simple. Just fill in the online quote form, and we will send you a quote to purchase. If agreed, Boats 4 Cash will then view your boat, survey it ourselves and pay. No broker costs, no surveyor fees, no snag list to rectify!

The money can be in your bank account within as soon as 7 working days, dependent upon circumstances - hassle free.

If you want to sell your boat, this is without doubt the quickest, and easiest way. Why not give us a go?

Boats 4 Cash



Boats 4 Cash - Fairline Targa

Whatever the condition, we’ll be interested.

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Boats 4 Cash - Jeanneau

Sell your Jeanneau the Boats 4 Cash way. It’s easy.

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Boats 4 Cash - Sealine

Wherever it is – we’ll take a look at it and give you the best price.

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